Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nashorn Scripts in Mac OS Yosemite's Notification Center

Or rather: Another use-case for Today Scripts

Users of Yosemite enjoy the rather useful new side-bar called 'Today' which shows a configurable list of widgets.
Here's how you can use a combination of Today-Scripts  and Nashorn to display information.

This little tip is only useful to you if you run Mac OS Yosemite (obviously) have a recent JDK installed.

Install Today Scripts

This very useful swiss knifes of widgets by Sam Rothenberg allows you to run any bash script and display its output (with ANSI-color support!).
Note that you either have to lower your security settings to run Today or simply right-click and Open the app. Once it is run, you have a new widget available for the 'Today' section.

Write some Nashorn scripts

jjs, the Nashorn script interpreter should be in /usr/bin/jjs on your system. 
I'm putting my scripts in ~/.jjs and here's a demo script that will show a list of currently running java processes with PID and main class. Save it as jps.js

Now let's add that to Today Script.
Create a new script, use /bin/bash and as script use this:

jjs -scripting ~/.jjs/jps.js

Here's a screenshot of the script configuration.

And that is all there is to it.
Pretty simple, but really the shortest way of running some juicy JavaScript/Java combo in your Notification Center.

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